17. Choose Sophomore or Stutter. Why?

I can’t believe I’ve heard both of these live!!!!! Cthiøojnbcrezw<azyldrzguyfx!!!!!!

Sophomore is a good song and basically describe our/fans feelings for him, or the classic fan feelings and long distance love. But I choose Stutter - had the question been “Categories or Stutter” it would have been a totally different matter. Stutter is one of the more hard songs, it’s the rock part of his many styles. I like it in AVPS, but the original…

Avps version:

Darren version:


I remember the first time I heard it and the video called it Remember That Time it was from 2009 and I think the next time he sang it was just after AVPS and he had SO much trouble remembering the lyrics because they “changed it for that fucking musical”

I love the small changes from performance to performance. How different it sounds with only him on guitar/ him + base guitar, el-guitar and drums / him with the whole Dot Dot Dot. I love that he curses. I love when he stutters. I love that it’s different from anything on his EP. I love that it’s become one of his regular songs to do at a show. I love that he includes the audience in the song. I love it when the guitar solo is included and now lately when he himself has a solo on drums.


I know this version is not supposed to be on YouTube at all, but it’s my favorite version I think. It doesn’t matter that he forgets the lyrics, the scatting he does afterwards is some of the best of it. He should really realize that he should just not make it obvious that he messed up and keep going. I’d love more of these kinds of videos, just watching people rehears and jam is inspiring. When they record an album I hope they film it! The amount of falsetto he uses in this it just hnnng! And the flute! And the guitar!!! Here it’s got a very different sound from all other performances of Stutter. It’s softened and given a bit of a Spanish feel. For all I care, he could release a CD with only Stutter on, just played different ways. And do that for every. Single. Song. He has ever written!